When creating Vosao CMS pages from the Content menu of the website control panel, Entities are created in the Datastore of the Google App Engine and read-write operations are produced with Datastore.

Therefore, when the number of Vosao CMS pages reaches about 500 pages the free quota Datastore Read Operations 0.05 Million Ops is quickly spent and access to the site will be blocked soon.
To avoid this, you can start the restructuring of the site and leave only the main pages of topics published on the Content menu. All sub-pages of each topic need to make static and move them to the resources of the topic main page.
To download resources for each page it is possible with the tab Resources | Files when editing the page.
To insert links to static pages you can use Velocity-command:
#foreach($fileVO in $service.getPageResources($page.friendlyURL))
<a href="$fileVO.link">$fileVO.name.substring(0,$fileVO.name.indexOf("."))</a></p>
If the amount of links is large, you can use this Velocity-command once, and then copy the created list of links from the finished HTML-page and replace the Velocity-command on the static list of links. Thereby the problem of large processing time and page generation at client request will be solved.

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