Vosao CMS allows to create a backup copy of the site by means of which it is possible to restore its contents.

A copy of the site is created as an archive file exportFull.vz stored in the folder /file/tmp.
To create a copy of the site it is possible in two ways.
The first way - is to use the button Export of the tab Site configuration of the section Configuration in the CMS Workarea.
The second way - is to use the Vosao-plugin Scheduled Backup (http://www.vosao.org/addons/backup), which can be downloaded and installed using the button Install or Update of the section Plugins | Plugins Configuration in the CMS Workarea.
After creating an archive file exportFull.vz it can be downloaded opening the folder tmp of the section Resources, then opening the tab Files and the link of the backup-file, and then click Download.
Any user can get the created archived file to address of /file/tmp/exportFull.vz, therefore, in order to limit access to it, in the tab Security of the folder tmp for the group guests it is necessary to set permission Denied using the button Add permission.
To download the Backup-file it is necessary to restore temporarily the permission Read for the tmp folder.
The site can be restored using the Backup-file and the button Import of the tab Site configuration of the section Configuration in the CMS Workarea.
However, the Backup-file will not be created in the presence of duplicate folders in Resources of the site.
To remove duplicate folders it is possible in the Google App Engine console (https://appengine.google.com/) of the GAE-application.
For this purpose, in the management console of the GAE-application it is necessary to open the section Datastore Viewer and select the Entity FolderEntity. Then click the button Delete to delete duplicate entities, choosing earlier created entity. To keep the most recent entities.

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