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Automation of business processes for small and medium business
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Using Augmented Reality and Computer Vision

About us

NOV Tech Solutions specializes in developing services for operational management of business, creating web and mobile applications on order

NOV Tech Solutions is a team of highly qualified professionals working for the result

We work quickly and efficiently, using the most modern technologies

We appreciate and take care of our customers, constantly improving the service and expanding the list of services


Tourist Guides with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Development of applications for mobile devices that represent guides to popular tourist destinations. Tourist guides are based on geolocation and provide users with the ability to browse through lists of nearby attractions with information about them using a map, radar and camera with augmented reality, add their attractions, shoot videos and share added content with other users. Pre-installed content allows users to travel to the attractions in virtual reality.

Distributed system of administrative management of exit services

The system helps to organize and supervise the work of specialists who solve tasks of exit services. The system uses geolocation and consists of two parts - a mobile specialist's application and an administrator's panel. The administrator panel allows a company to organize staff into groups with routes for solving tasks, personalize tasks, and monitor tasks in real time. The mobile application allows a specialist to receive tasks, interact with an administrator in real time when performing a task, and generate and submit reports on the completion of tasks.

Network Quest Games with Augmented Reality

Development of mobile applications based on geolocation and using cloud technologies and blockchain solutions that allow users to participate in network guest games. Using the mobile application, a user can create quest routes, adding their creatures and objects, and offering created quests to other users, as well as participate in quests of other users, passing routes and earning scores. Internal currencies of the quests provides monetization of applications in addition to advertising.

Blockchain Solutions

Development of DApp applications based on blockchain and smart contracts that represent a platform of social surveys, mutual aid funds, a platform of prize draws, and exchange services.

Computer Vision Applications

Development of mobile applications that use computer vision and machine learning, converting camera capture into processed data in real time.

Cross-Platform Bots

Development of cross-platform bots using machine learning that provide services such as automatic content adding, interactive training, sales, tracking and testing.

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